AccessiWeb 2.1 reference list

AccessiWeb, a methodology to verify conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0


In the French context, AccessiWeb 2.1 facilitates the understanding and implementation of the WCAG 2.0.

Why AccessiWeb?

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is the international standard of the W3C for Web Content accessibility. This standard has been officially recognised by the European Commission who recommends that they are adopted in all member states of the community. The French administration has been referring to WCAG since 1999.

Nevertheless, WCAG, like all technical standards, make it necessary to develop implementation methodologies which are adapted to the activities they are supposed to monitor: developing Web applications, content creation, interface design, graphical design, conformance assessment...

Since 2003, the BrailleNet association has created and published the AccessiWeb methodology in order to allow a unified approach for checking the conformance to WCAG of Web services. This methodology aims an operational approach based on thematically organised criteria and goals that are described in the AccessiWeb reference list (images, frames, colours, multimedia, tables, links, scripts, mandatory items, information structure, information layout, forms, navigation and consultation).

Goals of AccessiWeb 2.1

BrailleNet with a working group of specialised experts had three goals in mind while creating this new reference list:

  • Goal 1: ensuring an operational understanding of WCAG 2:
    • A list of related tests, referring very precisely to Web technologies, such as HTML tags/attributes, CSS properties, JavaScript functions...
  • Goal 2: allowing to check the conformance to WCAG 2:
    • The reference list AccessiWeb 2.1 gives a strict mapping between the AccessiWeb criteria and the guidelines and success criteria of the WCAG 2.
    • The reference list AccessiWeb 2.1 includes exactly the three conformance priority levels of WCAG 2.0: A or AccessiWeb Bronze, AA or AccessiWeb silver and AAA or AccessiWeb Gold
    • The AccessiWeb 2.1 reference list leads to raise a series of unambiguous questions for which the answer enables to determine if conformance to WCAG 2.0 has been met or not
  • Goal 3: providing a methodology for the AccessiWeb:
    • The AccessiWeb 2.1 reference list has been written in order to be used in a certification process about the conformance of a Web service to WCAG 2

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