New technologies for a more accessible society
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BrailleNet 2003 Workshop
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de La Villette
April 2003, 28 and 29th

BrailleNet Inserm institute université Pierre et Marie Curie cité des sciences


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Objectives :

- Reinforcing links between a scientific and technical community whose importance is increasing in Europe ;

- Demonstrating that research and development in the field of new technologies can generate helpful digital services for handicapped people ;

- Helping to integrate the basic concepts of Accessibility and Design for All into any digital product conception.

- Stimulating the co-operation between scientists, engineers, associations for/of handicapped people, and industrial companies.

- Promoting recommendations concerning the Accessibility will be diffused to the concerned people in Europe on the occasion of digital services

Workshop program

Organisation comity :

Dominique ARCHAMBAULT, University of Lehavre, France
Dominique BURGER, INSERM U483, France
Yves BURNOD, INSERM U483, France
Ian ENGELEN, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Klaus MIESENBERGER, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Paolo GRAZIANI, CNR-Firenze, Italia

Expected audience :

The thematic days organised with BrailleNet and the Sciences City of La Villette, every years since 1999, are attended by between 100 and
120 persons.
Taking into account the exceptional importance which will be given to these days, because of the European Year for Disabled Persons 2003,
the audience could exceed 150 persons.

Audience is constituted with researchers, professionals concerned with disability, and persons from the associative world.

Proceedings :

The proceedings will be published on the conference space of the BrailleNet's web site:

The texts of the presentations will be available in French and English.

Information, Contact
(tel) : 01 44 27 26 10
(fax) : 01 44 27 34 38