e-Accessibility meetups

BrailleNet regularly organises thematic meetups on digital accessibility. These provide an opportunity to look at specific sectors where digital solutions can improve inclusivity and offer clear benefits for people with disabilities.

The aim of these meetups is to raise awareness, to highlight exemplary projects or initiatives in the field and to encourage dialogue and networking between stakeholders.

Past events have focuses on digital accessibility in education, in business and in the cultural sector. Some examples:

  • Culture, digital technology and disability
    1 April 2016, Muséum de Toulouse
    Conferences and demonstrations on mobile applications, iBeacon technologies, web accessibility, etc. in museums, libraries, national monuments, etc.
  • Digital accessibility in business: an opportunity for Corporate Social Responsibility and performance
    10 May 2016, Nokia, Cité de l’Innovation, Nozay 
    Speakers from Nokia, Pôle Emploi, SNCF, IT-CE, and Orange speaking on their digital accessibility policies.