An introduction to inclusive digital publishing

Producing born accessible digital books is an important challenge for the publishing sector. According to the terms of the European Directive 2019/882 on the accessibility requirements for products and services, which will come into effect on the 28 June 2025, publishers must publish and distribute born accessible digital books.

To support publishers who are new to digital accessibility, BrailleNet has created an introductory document in French called Vers une édition numérique nativement accessible (moving to born accessible digital publishing). It addresses some of the benefits of creating born accessible digital publications and provides some pointers on getting ready to meet the requirements outlined in the directive.

BrailleNet would like to thank the Ministry of Culture for their support in preparing this document.

Download Vers une édition numérique nativement accessible, PDF (in French – 570 KB)

Download Vers une édition numérique nativement accessible, EPUB (in French – 621 KB)