Alex Bernier


Alex is Director of BrailleNet. Following a computer engineering degree at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rennes, Alex joined the R&D team at BrailleNet where he launched a number of projects on e-books and digital libraries, including the Accessible Francophone Digital Library (BNFA) and a research and development program aimed at improving the accessibility of scientific and technical documents for the visually impaired. Alex continues to lead on a number of R&D projects and coordinates BrailleNet’s core activities, including the BNFA and AccessiWeb. Alex leads BrailleNet’s AccessiWeb Evaluation Expert training course. He serves on the board of the DAISY Consortium and on the programme committee of the International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP).

Katie Durand

Project Manager and digital accessibility specialist

Katie started working with BrailleNet in 2011. She has a degree in Art History and French from the University of Glasgow, and a masters in Digital Project Management from the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques de la Documentation (INTD-CNAM). After 6 years coordinating the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, Katie worked on a number of digital projects in the arts sector. She is responsible for coordinating the annual European e-Accessibility Forum, BrailleNet’s publication programme, and for managing e-Accessibility projects. She is a qualified EAE e-Accessibility expert and serves on the committee of the Jodi Awards for Accessible Digital Culture.

Bryan Debout

Computer Software Engineer

Bryan graduated in Computer Engineering from INSA in Lyon in 2016. He worked as an intern Android developer at CUBE Technologies for 6 months before joining BrailleNet’s R&D team where he is working on BrailleNet’s mobile digital book reader.

Jessica Guillain

Administrative and Accounting Manager

After positions at TDK and the Arthur Straight Group, Jessica joined BrailleNet in 2015 as Administrative and Accounting Manager.

Garance Hamon

Head of communications, BNFA

Garence holds Masters degrees in Art History, Information and Communication (University of Nantes) and Scriptwriting (University of Nanterre). With experience in journalism, the arts and digital media, Garence joined BrailleNet in 2015 where she took responsibility for adapting digital books for the BNFA and managing the library’s social media presence. She is now responsible for BrailleNet’s communications.

Yilin Langlois

Computer Software Engineer

Yilin graduated in engineering from the École Supérieure d’Électricité (Supélec) in Paris and completed her doctorate at the École Nationale Supérieur des Mines in Nancy. She worked as a developer and tech lead for Wyde on the Wynsure package for the insurance sector. Yilin joined BrailleNet in 2017 where she is responsible for developing tools to improve the accessibility of digital books.

Julien Véron

Librarian, BNFA

Julien joined BrailleNet in 2010. He has a masters degree in Law (University of Paris-Assas) and a postgraduate degree in Library Sciences. Julien is responsable for acquisitions, for user support services and for adapting books for the BNFA. He lectures on BrailleNet’s training courses on accessible documents and library services. In his free time he is a keen cook and photographer.