New French language adaptation of the DIAGRAM Center “Image Description Guidelines”

BrailleNet is delighted to announce the publication of the DIAGRAM Center’s « Image Description Guidelines » in French. Our sincere thanks to the DIAGRAM Center and the NCAM for permission to publish this French adaptation, and to the Ministère de la Culture, the Caisse Nationale de Solidarité pour l’Autonomie (CNSA) and the Fédération des Aveugles et Amblyopes de France for supporting the adaptation financially.

The guide is broken down into two parts. The first details best practices concerning style, language, formatting, and layout that apply to every type of image. More specifically, this includes consideration of key elements such as context, audience, and function, as well as the use of appropriate tone. 

The second part presents best practices that are specific to particular image categories and classifications. The best approach for describing a line graph is different from the best approach for describing a map. Describers are faced with different kinds of challenges and questions because creating an accessible description differs greatly depending on the type of image. Therefore, this section aims to present the nuances specific to types of images. 

Where relevant, BrailleNet sourced new images to adapt the guide to French-speaking audiences.