In order to build truly inclusive products and services, digital accessibility needs to be taken into consideration from the outset.

Whatever the nature of the digital project, BrailleNet can provide expert advice to ensure that digital products and services fulfil accessibility requirements. BrailleNet can offer accessibility support at any moment in the project lifecycle (initiation, procurement, specification, design, build, delivery, etc.).

BrailleNet can provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • Ensuring that the project brief includes the relevant accessibility recommendations
  • Studying tender bids to evaluate the extent to which the bidding companies are capable of meeting accessibility requirements
  • Reviewing and approving mock-ups
  • Reviewing and approving wireframes
  • Reviewing and approving technical and functional specifications
  • Evaluating pre-prod HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Evaluating sites under development
  • Helping clients to write their RGAA Conformity Statement