The Fondation de France supports the OPALINe project

The Fondation de France has announced that it will be providing funding for the OPALINe project (Outils Pour l’Accessibilité des LIvres Numériques) as part of its ongoing efforts to improve equality for people with disabilities.

The OPALINe project will be developing tools to support the adaptation of complex publications where there is little scope for automated structuration. As project coordinater, BrailleNet will be involved in all stages of the project with the following partners:

  • Inria (France’s national research body for computing, and in particular the AlMaNaCh department specialised in automated language processing);
  • ERDLab (a non-profit organisation responsible for promoting the EPUB format in Europe);
  • FeniXX (a company that digitises and sells 20th century publications that are no longer available in print).

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